29 Trips Around the Sun for the Hubs

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, dear hubby!
Happy Birthday to you!

Twenty nine (and one day) years ago, my wonderful husband was born! Almost four years ago, he walked into my life, and I still remember in our very first conversations how amazed and impressed I was with his intelligence, his wide range of talents, and his simple kindness and compassion.

It seems cliché to say that he makes me a better person - but he does in every way. He challenges me to do things I would never do on my own, and brings out the brave and adventurous side I never knew I had. We're three months apart in age, so from now until October I'm going to have fun saying that I'm married to "an older man" ; )

Handmade Birthday banner:

Breaking out the silver and china for the birthday cake:

Fun photo from the birthday dinner:

Happy 29 years (yesterday) to my very best friend. xoxo

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