Friday Favorites

Amen. Happy Pumpkin Spice Latte Season, y'all! Nevermind it's been in the nineties here (add in the humidity and it basically feels like you're walking around on top of a bowl of soup), I will sip my PSL and pretend I'm wearing boots and a scarf.

If you're PSL obsessed as well, here's a breakdown of past launch dates. Note this year was the earliest "official" launch day. Ten points to Starbucks, thank you. 
Another favorite this week? These adorable stamps. Y'all, they are scratch and sniff. I purchased three books and the sweet P.O. clerk suggested I would want four, and I'm kicking myself for not getting that fourth book (or a fifth or sixth) because I feel like I want to use these stamps and these stamps only for the rest of forever (but how funny would they be on our Christmas cards?). 

I added a new bento box to Parker's collection, the Yumbox I've heard so much about (I purchased it HERE via Amazon). It was about twice the price of the bento box from PB Kids, but I was intrigued by the leak-proof design and ability to pack foods like yogurt, applesauce and ranch dip (which wouldn't have worked in the old bento). The verdict: both types get a thumbs-up, I enjoy having multiple boxes, and I'll use the Yumbox for foods that need a leak-proof holder, and the other box on other days.

PB&J Roll-Up | Plain Greek Yogurt & Honey | Granola + Blueberries | Cucumber Hearts | Pretzels | Fruit Snacks

Turkey + Cream Cheese Roll-Up | Cheddar Stick | Applesauce | Baby Carrots | Cracker | Jellybeans 

This guy enjoyed another busy week of school activities including a meet and greet with the football team! Our little sports enthusiast is twelve kinds of excited for the rally and opening game this weekend. 

Because remember, this guy is obsessed with any and all sports - playing, watching, it's his jam. 

I'll stick with Pilates, yoga and Pure Barre, thank you (I was the kid on the playground who was always afraid I'd get smacked with a rouge foursquare ball).

We celebrated our ninth anniversary earlier this week, and the day before I popped over to Party City to pick up a bunch of heart balloons .

I did a mix of shiny and matte. It was the first time I had seen the matte option, and I loved the way they looked together.

Max and I did dinner out at Purveyor and ordered several small plates, which was so much fun! Parker was quite upset he missed dinner - as he reminded us, he loves fancy things! 

Ahi Tacos and Guacamole | Molten Chocolate Cake & Buttermilk Ice Cream | Lobster Fried Avocado | Duck Meatballs

Happy last Friday of August!



  1. Looks like you had a great anniversary week! still loving those lunch boxes! Have a great weekend :-)

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  2. Those stamps are adorable! I have Disney villain stamps from last year that I love using on cards to friends. Have a great long weekend!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! Love the balloons - such a cute idea!

  4. I got those stamps from the post office, too, and loved them!!! They were so fun!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! And those stamps are the cutest!


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