PCK Starts Kindergarten!

I blinked, and my little newborn started kindergarten. The days are long, but the years are short, y'all. Parker got a special delivery on Kindergarten Eve just as we were getting ready for bed. It made him even more excited for the next day!

After we put him down, Max helped me finish the balloon garland I had started earlier in the day, which I had hidden in our closet so Parker wouldn't see. I literally rubbed the skin off my fingers from tying so many balloons, so luckily Max was able to do the rest until the garland was finished (I just ran wire through the ends of the balloons to secure them - my first balloon garland ever and I was so pleased!).

The next morning, we woke Parker up bright and early at 6:20AM so we'd have plenty of time to get ready and take photos. Max left at 6:30AM for a conference call with India (the time change there makes hours difficult sometimes), so it was just Parker and me for breakfast. Donuts for the win! Parker requested I read the book I had set out, On the First Day of Kindergarten, which was perfectly fitting for the day! I highly recommend the book - it was a gift, and I appreciate how it's all positive and happy (bonus it's a rhyming poem that repeats). 

After Little Man got dressed, I just had to take out the big camera to snap some shots. Parker wasn't so into posing (he just wanted to get to school!) but I still caught a few smiles. 

The first day was a half day, so Parker didn't need to bring a lunch (or a backpack), but I did grab our little first-day gift for his teacher:

I couldn't resist one last photo before I walked him in his classroom (hand in hand, my sweet little guy!). Once we reached the classroom, he was off and barely looked back (visiting the classroom with us two days prior I think helped a lot) - I didn't even get a hug! I was just happy he was adjusting so well, so I didn't mind. My big kindergartener!

Parker's teacher handed these out to the parents as we left:

Up until this point, I hadn't shed a tear (I was more just excited for Parker), but what I thought was instructions for the day was some super sentimental poem about childhood and growing up, and I literally did not read past the first line because the poem was about to make me cry!

I spent my part of the day shopping at Whole Foods and attending a Pure Barre class, then met up with Max after class (he parked his car in the Pure Barre parking lot) and together we braved the carline to pick up our guy! 

We had told Parker he could choose anything he wanted for his first day lunch, and he chose...

Sushi, his favorite. He was born an 80 year-old man 😂 Parker told us all about his day with such enthusiasm I thought my heart was going to burst! Yay for kindergarten!

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