Seinfeld Date Night

Every couple years, Jerry Seinfeld comes to town and does a one-night-only stand-up comedy routine. We went the last time he was here in 2016, and purchased tickets again as soon as they went on sale earlier this year.

It's 90 minutes of non-stop laughing (literally), and the fact that it's at the community center just a mile and a half down the street is just the icing on the cake. But really, how easy is that? Though I will say, they just installed metal detectors at said community center which has majorly dropped the easy factor and small-town feel.

Anyway, Max and I made a whole date night of it last Friday, heading out to dinner at Commerce Kitchen first. It was the tail-end of Huntsville's Restaurant Week, and Commerce Kitchen's three-course special had been on my must-eat list!

I started with the Pineapple Jalepeño Margarita, and we both did the Restaurant Week selection of Fried Green Tomatoes, followed by Shrimp & Grits, with Bread Pudding for dessert. All these dishes are still currently on their menu (just not at the restaurant week price), and I highly recommend them all!

Plus, we got the corner booth that looks onto downtown, so I was twelve sorts of happy. 

From there (our early dinner), we drove the block-and-a-half to the VBC, because rain. We made it to our seats just in time for them to dim the lights and for Jerry's opening act to start.

And then Jerry was up! He literally runs out onto the stage and is super-high energy the whole time. Max and I (being of that weird Oregon Trail generation) both totally watched the sitcom Seinfeld in the 90's, and we'll often pepper conversation with Seinfeld quotes (like Look away... I'm hideous!). Earlier this summer, we were at the community pool, and we somehow got onto the Hello, and thank you for calling Moviephone! bit (you know, when Kramer pretends to be the movie time service?). So Max muses that kids today have probably never made a phone call to get a movie time, making us old, because that was the only way to do it back in the day. To check how old we really were, I swum up to the lifeguard on duty and asked him if he'd ever used his phone to get a movie time, and he said "Oh, yeah!" Score! I thought. We're not that old! And then I realized my mistake. I swum back to the lifeguard, and clarified I meant had he ever made a phone call to get a movie time. Of course he hadn't! And my error in assuming that phones were for calls really made me old (I'm guessing it's doubtful this high schooler had ever even used his for that purpose, haha!). Seinfeld actually touches on cellphones in his routine - much like his 90's sitcom, his stand-up content is about nothing, and it's hilarious! It's solidly PG (I'd rate his opening act PG-13), and he still manages to make it laugh-till-you-cry funny. And we did. 

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  1. My husband loves Seinfeld! What a great idea for a date night. Glad you both had so much fun! Sierra Beautifully Candid


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