Miscellany Monday | End of Summer Edition

Today is the last day of summer break, and as of tomorrow, I will officially be a kindergarten mom! If you missed my blog entry on back-to-school lunches with Pepperidge Farm, click HERE! How perfect are those little slider buns? I had some questions on the lunch box I used in the post - Parker has one of the classic Pottery Barn Kids square lunch boxes, and I use the Bento Box from PB Kids inside it (I love how it divides everything up and makes packing all the snacks and sides super easy). 

I actually asked Parker a couple months back which new PB Kids lunchbox he wanted for the start of kindergarten (because in my mind you of course need a new lunchbox or backpack each year), and he just stared at me like I was crazy and stated that he already had a lunchbox 😂 So practical. (As for the backpack, our kindergarten uses book bags they hand out so we won't need one this year.)

As for our end-of-summer schedule, we've been trying do every last item on our Summer Bucket List (and we've just about succeeded!). We had some super gorgeous weather a couple weeks back, and we took the opportunity to cross-off the Huntsville Botanical Gardens from our list (we are members but go more in the spring and fall when the weather is nicer). This day, however, was heavenly!

We got in our very last Concerts in the Park/food truck dinner of the summer last Monday.

I've been wanting to visit Cathedral Caverns for years now, and we finally made it recently!

If you're local, it's only about a thirty minute drive from downtown Huntsville, and the caves stay a cool 60 degrees all year long (so welcome in the summer!). 


There's a covered area with picnic tables, so bring a lunch to enjoy after your tour. 

I'm still cross stitching away (these days while streaming the show Younger). 

And I found Sunday mornings the perfect time to bike to Pilates! There are basically no cars downtown, which makes the ride so peaceful and easy. 

If you're looking for a super quick and easy summer meal, try this hummus crusted chicken. I posted about it in my Instastories awhile back and had someone ask for the written recipe (you can find it HERE).  It's seriously so delicious and so easy - I paired it here with risotto and salad with veggies from the garden (I also used a homemade hummus which makes the recipe even better!). 

If we're not eating at home, you can definitely find us out for some sort of Mexican food 😂

The pool is getting chillier (signaling the end of all things summer), but we are still enjoying it. 

Yesterday was our last weekend day with our little man before kindergarten starts, so we let him choose anything to do - out little sports enthusiast chose Top Golf of course!

Followed by baseball that evening, because #boymomlife. 

We also squeezed in Parker's Meet the Teacher/Popsicle party at his new school. I feel like every day up until now has been preparing us for this, but I just can't wrap my head around the fact that it's here! #countdowntokindergarten

Who else is prepping for back-to-school?


  1. I totally bought some of those same sliders after I saw your post. The kids are LOVING them.

    1. Oh, so stoked they are working out for you :) Happy Back-to-School!


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