Soccer Star

Neither Max nor I are what you'd call athletic. Neither of us played team sports in high school (Max was on the swim team, and I played in the marching band). So imagine our surprise that our son loves all things sports. Anything with a ball or puck - he's all over it. He wants to play, he wants to watch... you could say he's obsessed. Baseball, hockey, golf, football - he's equal opportunity. So when sign-ups went out earlier this year for his school's kindergarten soccer league, we signed him right up, despite the fact he'd never played organized soccer before.

The kindergarteners have soccer clinic mid-week, and play their games against each other on Saturdays. This past weekend was Parker's first game, and true to form, he had the most enthusiasm on the field. He was nothing but smiles the entire time.

I mean, unless he was concentrating really hard with his tongue sticking out 😉

But for the most part, it was smiles. He also took to excitedly yelling out the score after each goal, even though we weren't supposed to be keeping track of points. Oops. We quietly asked him next time to just count in his head. 

This guy cheered on his teammates and was just a general little ball of love. 

We tried out our new camera body on this day - and this was the very first photo I snapped with it - my boys, of course!

As for me, I'm officially a Soccer Mom!

Go, Raiders!



  1. SOCCER MOMS UNITE! Haha. I love that he's so into the game. I'm cracking up that he yelled out the score after each goal. That's so funny! And can you blame him??

  2. He is absolutely too cute playing soccer! Looks like he loves it so far, too!


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