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Happy September, and Happy Football Season! Parker's new (K-12) school had their home opener football game last weekend. It was also "Lower School Night" and Parker even had the opportunity to go out on the field before kickoff! 

Our little football lover wanted to stay for the entire game (even though most of his friends left well before that). It ended up being a nail biter of an ending, and Parker is still asking why I said "I can't look!" in the final seconds. This was very confusing to him, but I literally couldn't watch - it came down to the very last play, but we won in the end! Parker had fun retelling this to the senior football player who opened the car door for him at school drop-off the next week - yes, how sweet is that tradition? The football players come over to the lower school in the morning and welcome the little ones at car line!

Clubs started up last week at school, and Parker is now a proud member of the kindergarten Chess Club! It's hosted by The Knight School, which comes to Parker's campus to lead their sessions. We've picked up the game as a family, and for the last week or so we've been doing back to back games whenever we can.

With all his busy days (school, chess, soccer practice, piano lessons), sometimes we'll do an afternoon treat. Our current favorite? Cupcakes from Smallcakes!


And to burn off those cupcakes I like to get in a Pilates or Barre class. I went to an 11:30AM Pure Barre class last week and was surprised with a preview of their new Reform class. It's legit.


Saturdays are for soccer, at least for the foreseeable future, and our little guy is all about these games!

His enthusiasm is just the best. The games are at 8:30AM and he insists on wearing his jersey out and about the rest of the today so everyone he sees will know he's a soccer player 😉

The packed schedule makes for one worn-out kindergartener, but a happy one! 



  1. Connor has been sleeping like a baby!! All thanks to being at school all day. Kindergarten is no joke.


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