Friday Faves

Happy Friday! It seems like (almost) everyone has gone back-to-school at this point! My social media feeds have been filled with first-week photos, and they make me smile! Here are my five faves for the week...

Parker is finishing up his third week of kindergarten! How is that possible? And while he had concerns before he started that the school day would be too long (six and a half hours) I haven't once heard him say that since school began. Instead I hear about recess, and French class, and how many golden tickets he's earned for good behavior.

Last week, Parker's school had the sweetest ceremony where the seniors walked the kindergarteners into the school. Cue the tears. Especially when our sweet little guy spotted us up on the balcony.

It was especially heartfelt because many of those seniors had been kindergarteners thirteen years ago, being led in by their senior buddies. There was a reception afterward and we had such fun visiting with Parker's senior buddies and their parents. At the end of the year, the kindergarteners will walk the seniors out (cue more tears!). The parents kept telling us that time is going to fly, and that our little guy will be a senior, too, before we know it! But for now, he's loving kinder. And I'm loving...

Making school lunches! Every afternoon after school, Parker sits and eats a snack while I make his lunch for the next day (with his input), then I sneak in a note or joke on a post-it. Because I always enjoy seeing what other moms pack for school lunches (I'm always looking for new ideas!), I snapped a few photos of what Parker has been taking to school. He did hot lunch for the first time last Friday (Pizza and Ice Cream Day, what's not to love?) and also wants to try Pancake Day and Hot Dog Day next week. But mostly, he's using this bento box inside this lunchbox:

strawberries | oreo thins | cucumber | chicken salad | cheez-its

animal crackers | mozzarella balls | blueberries | PB&J | baby carrots

marshmallow | cheez-its | peaches | carrot sticks | turkey & cream cheese roll-ups | cheddar cubes

yogurt raisins | tomatoes and cucumber | cheddar cubes | chicken salad slider | carrot sticks

animal crackers | cantaloupe balls | pea crisps | pb & honey  | kiwi

rainbow cookies | red bell pepper | pea crisps | turkey & cream cheese roll-ups | cantaloupe

I, on the other hand, have been munching on ricotta toast with figs, pistachios, and honey. I can't get enough and had this dish at least three times last week. So simple, so delicious.

All These Beautiful Strangers is a new release and it's my very favorite genre (psychological thriller!). I'm not sure why I'm so drawn to this type of novel, but the "can't put it down" excitement just gets me every time. I whipped through this one in two days, taking it with me everywhere from the dentist's office to carline pick-up (yes, I'm that mom who arrives thirty minutes early to make an office out of my car, or, in this case a little reading nook). But back to the novel - I so enjoyed every bit of it! It's set somewhat at an east coast prep school, so it had a bit of a Young Adult feel to it, as well as some old money and secret society elements that made it super interesting. Hands-down, I recommend! Read the synopsis HERE.

Finally, if you missed my post last week on making mornings special with Nestle Nesquick Super Breakfast, click HERE to read! 

Happy New School Year!



  1. Just requested All These Beautiful Things from the library! Can't wait to dive in! Glad you all had a good week of school. Those pictures of Parker and the seniors made ME tear up!! Time is such a thief!

  2. I love the ceremony that Parker's school does - I bet it's even sweeter in the spring when it's his turn to walk his senior buddies out! Have a great weekend :)

  3. We don't go back until after Labor Day over here. I am loving all the lunch box ideas. Your toast also looks amazing!! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  4. Can I eat Parker's lunches?! lol I don't know why I'm always a fan of I guess what you would call "kid lunches" although your honey/fig toast looks delicious too! The idea of having seniors and kindergarteners walk together makes my heart melt! Happy Friday!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  5. I love that tradition at Parker's school and your lunch making skills are amazing! Everything looks great. I will have to add that book to my Holds list at the library.

  6. Honestly I wish there were more mom's like you. I don't see why so many mom's in the blogging world make school lunch out to be the devil's child. I honestly ate my fair share of school lunches and honestly some days I ate better at school than I would have it I had brought a lunch because my mom worked and that meant that I could get away with packing a lunchables, candy bar, and teddy grahams. I am pretty sure I at least got a veggie/fruit when I ate at school!


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