Taco Tuesday | Ice Cream Tacos

Tuesdays are for tacos, and you haven't lived until you've had one made of... ice cream 💃

To make these tacos, you'll need a waffle cone maker to create the shells. Max gifted me a waffle cone maker last Christmas, and it's actually much easier to make taco shells with it than it is to makes cones, haha! (My cones always end up with a big hole in the bottom that I need to fill up with a giant marshmallow). Anyway, I always use the batter recipes that came with the waffle cone maker (I figure they were sent with it for a reason so they should work best, same with my pasta maker, regular waffle maker, etc.). My waffle cone batter recipes included a regular and chocolate batter (I made both). For the taco shell shape, simply let the waffle circle cool while bent around a small rolling pin or something similarly shaped.

Once you have your shells, the options are endless! The ice cream taco above has mango sorbet and candied jalapeños (plus I did a chocolate border with coconut shavings on the shell by simply melting some chocolate chips and spooning onto the edge, then sprinkling the coconut).

The taco below uses a chocolate batter for the cone, and has a white chocolate border with pistachios. It has homemade strawberry ice cream, fresh strawberries and basil from the garden.

And finally, I did a taco with vanilla ice cream, bananas and caramel (with a chocolate edged taco shell with chocolate sprinkles). I love a taco holder to display them - these colorful ones are on sale right now, and this one is so cute and funny I think I might have to add it to our collection. 

What kind of ice cream taco would you make?


  1. These look so good and what a fun idea!! Now I need to find a waffle cane maker. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  2. These are the absolute CUTEST!! You are so creative! Our kiddos would love these.


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