Spring and Summer Wreaths

I finished my spring wreath this weekend and asked the hubs to take a photo of it. He of course started snapping away while I was oblivious: 

 I modeled it after a fabric wreath I saw on Pinterest (I mean, isn't everything I do lately inspired by Pinterest?) and the flowers are actually just clipped on so they can be exchanged for different holidays/seasons.

I finally agreed to pose with it ; )

I fashioned another wreath out of a printed fabric that I'm planning on using for summer. I just love the bright, sunshiny happiness they bring to the front door!


  1. LOOOVE that you held a screening - what a cute thing to do and what great decorations!!

  2. I LOVE the wreath in the last picture! So pretty! I may have to make one myself for this summer! Thanks for the idea! Hope you have a great day!



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