Rose Girl

I've become a flower girl! Well, a rose girl is more like it. These pretties are from our rose bushes (flower photos taken by me with my 40D and Max's 50mm prime).

I've been tending to the roses lately (they bring me lots of joy). I've read a little, and apparently you can cut the middle biggest bud and leave the rest to make what will be a spray of roses (like I did here):

Or, get rid of all the little guys on the sides and leave just the biggest one (like I did here):

This should lead to fewer but bigger roses (like this one that's already bloomed) as all the energy is going to a smaller total number:

Of course I actually have no idea what I'm doing so I'm totally open to advice from anyone. Also, some of the roses are browned on the edges (it starts before they even bloom - you have to look closely at the photo to see). What's up with that?

I do love these pink and white swirly guys. I think they're my favorite!

Happy Spring!

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  1. Stunning!! Very impressive, I've really enjoyed gardening as well and learning more about flowers, granted I have a teeny tiny little balcony garden 16 floors up but regardless it's been fun!! Planning on doing some planting this weekend!! xo.


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