Let's Go, Giants!

On Easter Sunday, Max and I attended our first baseball game at Chase Field, home to the Phoenix Diamondbacks. I've always been a bit wary about going to any game and not rooting for the home team, however we found another California couple to go with who was ready to cheer on the Giants on with us. Safety in numbers ; ) Unfortunately, the Giants gave up a six run lead and ended up losing the game (I know! A six run lead! Seriously?). It was a fabulous day anyway. The roof on the stadium was open and they had indoor/outdoor air conditioning for the 90 degree April weather. 

The heat got me to thinking about Giants games in San Francisco, when the attire looked more like this:

Gotta love the Bay Area! 

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  1. Hahahah! Love the bundled SF look! So true! At least they've been playing better! We live across from the stadium and I LOVE baseball season in our neighborhood (minus the horrendous traffic and parking errr) Otherwise it's such an exciting time!! xoxo


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