Pinteresting Recipes

I came across these sweet little guys on Pinterest the other day:

Since they are "no bake" it's kind of like eating cookie dough, which I do anyway... and brownie batter. In fact sometimes I make bowls of brownie batter just to eat the batter and never actually bake any brownies. Please tell me someone else does this. 

Anyway, the "energy bites" have flaxseed and oatmeal, so I could at least pretend they were healthy : ) Here's how mine turned out:

Surprisingly close to the original! Very yummy, too! 

I also really wanted to try this Blackened Chicken and Cilantro Lime Quinoa

My husband is the red-meat-eating Texan sort of husband, so I feel I barely got away with the quinoa, but in the end he gave it a thumbs up! (My avocado cream in the back looks neon, though I don't think it appeared this way in person). 

Oh Pinterest, you are my new cookbook ; ) 


  1. Blackened chicken, get in my belly!

  2. Uncooked batter is the best---it's normal to eat it or make it specifically for eating it :)


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