Dr. Klein Visits Room 127!

Max has visited my classroom for every electricity unit that I've taught starting back when we were just dating in California. Back then I taught 4th grade, so it's a bit different now when he comes in to see the firsties, but it's just as much fun (especially for me - I was giddy all day!). 

Being the fantastic teacher he is (he was an instructor at Stanford, after all!) he led with a hook: showing a light up circuit board (ooohhh, ahhhh!) and the circuit board inside an iPod. 

Next, he taught my firsites how to make circuits using battery packs, LEDs and conductive play dough.

My sweet little ones also wrote a basket full of questions that he answered in between experiments.

Finally, the students tested out a bunch of items using their circuits to identify conductors and insulators.

We are now electricity experts! Thanks again, Dr. Klein! We had a blast!


  1. very cute - play dough makes electricity so much more fun no? hahaha

  2. Smiling from ear to ear....love it...love the pics! Yall make me so happy!

  3. As a former teaching assistant to Dr. Klein, I can assure you that your students were in good hands (not that you didn't know that already).


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