Backyard Bobcats

Monday night I was in the kitchen cooking dinner, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a spotted tail. I looked out the kitchen window to see these bobcats! I rushed to get my SLR to snap some photos. 

I definitely got the stare down from them as I stood at the windows. This is when I was debating opening the door. It would have definitely given me better pictures since they wouldn't be taken through the glare of the glass, however I chickened out. And then checked to make sure the door was locked (you know, in case these were the door-handle-opening type of bobcats ; )

They actually stayed in the yard for quite a while. They munched on the rosemary and drank from the pool and played their bobcat games.

Then they got tired. 

They took a double nap. It was a to the dorable. 

This is when I really, really wanted to pet that soft fur! And then I reminded myself that bobcats can take down a cow. And I'm tinier than a cow.

Finally, they were off to the far end of the yard and over the fence they went. See you next time, bobcats!


  1. That is pretty amazing! They are SO cute, but I guess you were right to stay inside *and* lock the door, haha!:)

  2. Great story and AMAZING PICS! Just saw my first bobcat in the wild yesterday (in Tucson AZ), and the excitement still hasn't died down :) Way better than seeing a celebrity. Thanks for sharing.


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