It's the Day!

It's the day! It's the day! Exactly five years ago today, we were doing this:

Married life. It's been five years of smiles,

Five years of travels, 

 Five years of dinners,

 And drinks,

Five years of happy.

And today?? Today we we will be here!

The exact place where Max whisked me away to when he proposed. I didn't even think we would see each other for our anniversary. And now, this! Max has arranged for us to rendezvous in Mexico. It's like out of a movie. Talk about thoughtful. Talk about romantic. Talk about the most incredible surprise. The icing on the cake?? We will also be here:

Under the turquoise waters scuba diving. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. A million thank-yous to my husby!! My husby of exactly five years :) 

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  1. what a lovely little family you have, have a super time!!

    (ps you looked amazing on your wedding day)


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