Friday Favorites

Oh, Hey Friday! Here are some random favorites sending me off into my weekend...

1. Shake It Off
I'm obsessed with T-Swift's new single. It's reaaaaally hard to not pre-buy her new album right now, but I have my Swifty ritual. Her CDs always come out in October (right around my birthday) and I always head to Target, grab a PSL, and buy the CD there. I must commit to the plan. In the meantime, you can find me (and Parker) boppin' along to Shake It Off.

2. Caramel Cheddar Popcorn 
I thought I was the only crazy person who liked carmel popcorn together with cheddar popcorn. It sounds disgusting, but I totally love it. I used to buy separate packages of each and mix them together. Then this week at Safeway, just like it had descended from Heaven, I found this bag perfectly placed and calling out to me. Yes. Please.

3. Baby snuggles
Can I still call my 17-month-old my baby? Because I'm going to. Baby snuggles. Melt my heart. They are few and far between with this rambunctious mile-a-minute tot, but I take what I can get. Especially when he falls asleep on me in our airplane seat. Oh the love.

4. Monsoons
Being a California girl, summer rain is still kind of like spotting a unicorn. It's a bit more frequent here in the desert (I mean there's a name for our summer storms), but it's still exciting. The monsoons this week were epic. Like, lightning striking a neighbor's house, parking lots still flooded days later epic. As a bonus, the monsoons bring cooler weather so Parker and I have been able to go on neighborhood walks this week - score!

5. Bringing Up Bébé
My friend French Cannes Cannes reviewed this book here some time ago. It popped up on my Pinterest feed Monday. Apparently it only takes two suggestions for me to buy a book because I purchased it via one-click on Amazon right then. Y'all, that book was on my doorstep in less than 24 hours. Amazon Prime must have direct lines to our thoughts. I mean, they are scary fast. Anyway, I'm reading this and loving it (especially with coffee while Parker is napping!).

Happy weekend!

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  1. I love "monsoon" rain too. We barely get any rain in Idaho but last week we had the closest thing to a monsoon I've ever seen. Our gutters couldn't handle it and I had waterfalls coming down every side of my roof. It was kind of scary-beautiful. And yes to everything about Amazon Prime - I think of something I need and CLICK it's here two days later. I love it!

    1. Yes, as I was watching the storm I kept going back and forth between being terrified and being excited!

  2. I've totally pre ordered t swift's new album lol. I just know it's going to be so good. I love your little ritual.

  3. I agree as well about Taylor's album. Also I'm a huge fan of cheddar caramel, the idea sounds crazy, but it's amazing how well they fit together!

    1. There must be a secret community of us since they are packaging it!!

  4. I love the new T Swift song! I read that there was some criticism of it, but I think it's too cute and a great message to ignore the haters! Hmm, caramel and cheddar popcorn...never tried it, but it sounds intriguing!

  5. I am obsessed with Taylor Swift's new song! I immediately heard it and it has been stuck in my head. Plus, the video is pretty cute. I can't wait for her new album to come out!

  6. I just love your blog! I need that popcorn. Sugar, you don't have FB (I looked for you)? We need to email. I want to know how you link in with blogs. Also did you do your background on your blog. We need to chat girl.

  7. I just bought three bags of that popcorn today. Shameful. But it is just so good!!


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