Farewell, Trader Joe's

When we move to Alabama, our nearest Trader Joe's will be two hours away. Cue the womp womp. Cue the frowns. Cue the actual tears I will cry. Since being introduced to TJ's in college, I haven't lived more than a ten or fifteen minute drive away from one (California and Arizona included!). That's almost fifteen years of being able to shop at Trader Joe's whenever I wanted. Alas, I took it for granted. So in this time before our relocation, I am soaking up every last bit of Trader Joe's goodness I can get my hands on. My shopping buddy is always ready to go!

Here are some of the items that have been in my basket cart during one of my two three trips there this week.

1. Cookie Butter
I have read so much about this supposedly amazing and addicting stuff that I had to buy it while I could. I have yet to crack it open, but I have heard it's wonderful with apples, celery or crackers. Bonus, if I get addicted, I will be cut off once I am an Alabama resident, ha!

2. Lemon Pepper Pappardelle Pasta
I've been buying this deliciousness for years. I love it on it's own with just a little olive oil, or paired with chicken or shrimp.

3. Inner Peas
These were a new find for me and OMG so crunchy, yummy and addicting! They are simply baked green peas so I don't even feel guilty.

4. Half Baked Bread
What a glorious idea, a loaf you finish baking at home! There is nothing better than taking piping hot bread out of the oven. Especially if there is butter involved. This is why I buy the mini loaf - if I buy the whole loaf I will eat the entire thing.

5. Flowers
Trader Joe's always has gorgeous flowers at the best prices! These babies are cheering up our kitchen right now!

What do you love to buy at TJ's?? I'll add it on my list for my next trip! Which will probably be tomorrow ;)


  1. ugh they dont have a trader joes in chalreston and i miss it so much! i used to LOVE their pesto tortillinis and goat cheese. i never had the cookie butter before but that sounds amazing. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Pesto tortellini, on the list!! Love the goat cheeses, especially the flavored ones!

  3. More reasons for you to come visit us! The Trader Joe's will be about 10 minutes from our new house :)

  4. Hi, don't know you. :) but saw your blog as I was looking at trader joe articles. thought you'd like to hear that they are coming to birmingham next year!!!


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