Driving Down the 101

Parker and I are escaping the Arizona heat with a trip out to California to visit family and friends! I spent my first twenty-six (and a half) years living in California, so a California girl I will always be. It wasn't until I moved away did I fully realize and appreciate how widely known, and, well, famous my home state really was. I understand that it's talked about for both negative and positive reasons, however I of course focus on the good, like they many, many song lyrics with California in the name.

Parker and I flew in on Friday morning. It was little man's nineteenth flight. Yes, you read that right. In his 16 1/2 months, he has made nineteen takeoffs and nineteen landings. #frequentlilflyer Half of his flights have been Mamma-and-Parker solo trips. We totally have this flying alone thing down. Above we are making our way through PHX, Parker riding in the Ergo Performance, which (for now anyway) is my go-to way of running around airports with my toddler.

Omi and Auntie SheShe picked us up on the other end in San Jose (where we also changed Parker out of his jams - there is something I just can't resist about flying with a baby in footsie pajams).

Parker of course is being spoiled like the only grandchild/nephew that he is. This includes stealing everyone's food, like Grandpa's ice cream...

 And SheShe's sammy...

 Being the center of attention...

And opening a new pair of jams to wear each night! Lucky little man! Mamma has been able to have lots of fun girl time during Parker naps, including finding (it took two different stores!) and finally watching this movie, which has been on my list forever.

I think Parker is loving California every bit as much as his mamma! Smiles from the Golden State!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm in the process of checking out yours as we speak! Parker is such a cutie!

    And I totally feel you on the whole house-selling with a toddler...we sold our house and moved back in May and getting a house ready for showings with a 16 month old is not for the faint of heart! Good luck momma!

    1. You will have to give me tips on the whole "moving and unpacking with a toddler" thing!

  2. He is living the good life! Hr is such a cutie too!

  3. Even though I only got to live my first few years in California, I always consider it home since I was born there. I definitely call myself a California girl!
    And I'm jealous that you get to be there right now, but I'm also looking forward to getting together with you after you get back. =)


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