Our 5 Year Anniversary - México!

Thank you to my husby for an AMAZING anniversary getaway! He planned for us to return to Cancún, to the exact resort we stayed at when we got engaged. As a bonus this time, we were upgraded upon arrival to a Master Suite. The above photo was actually taken on our ginormous balcony. I mean, the view was unreal. 

Turquoise water and white sand is my favorite! We spent lots of time enjoying the beach, soaking up the sun,

Swimming in the ocean,
Even jet-skiing the waves! 

We also hit up the three swim up bars and enjoyed sipping on tropical cocktails and dining on super yummy food. Like, for real, the food was so delicious. 

And I'm crazy for coconuts!

Celebratory cake!! 

We went scuba diving and snorkeling, though the winds pretty much squashed these activities most of the days.

My husby of five years! 

So much happiness, so much fun, so much love!

Adiós, México...


  1. It looks beautiful and like so much fun! Love the last pic of you two!

  2. Looks like you guys had an awesome time celebrating your anniversary!!! The water is SO blue. :)


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