Oh Hey Friday

Happy Friday! Today I have anniversary gifts on my mind! Max and I will be celebrating five years of marriage this August 29th. For each anniversary we've celebrated, I have gifted my amazing husby the "traditional" gift for that year. Here's a peek into years past...

1. Year One Traditional Gift: Paper
Max's Gift = Paper gift certificate for race car driving

2. Year Two Traditional Gift: Cotton
Max's Gift = Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt (the color of the water in Bora Bora where we honeymooned!)

3. Year Three Traditional Gift: Leather
Max's Gift = Leather Belt

4. Year Four Traditional Gift: Fruit
Max's Gift = A ginormous glass jar of Raisinettes (raisins are former grapes so I thought they qualified as fruit!) *We also gifted ourselves the "modern" year four gift of appliances this year with a new dishwasher for the kitchen. I felt very grown-up, ha!

5. Year Five Traditional Gift: Wood
Wood? This is going to be a challenge and will require some creativity! I have a couple ideas for gifts floating around in my head (which I of course cannot write about since husby will be reading this) but I'd love to hear of any new, clever and unique ideas for gifts made of wood! Thanks, y'all!


  1. Stopping by from the link-up. If he likes to cook a cool cutting board would be neat...a unique bird house for the yard? A stay in a log (wood) cabin...?

  2. Oh my goodness the log cabin stay is soooo clever!! I wish I would have thought of that sooner! Love that idea!!

  3. Love that yall do traditional anniversary gifts!! You could get the him some nice cigars in a cigar box, or some shoe trees with a fancy new pair of shoes :)

    1. Shoe trees with the shoes- adorable!! I love presents that are all put together like that! Thanks for brainstorming!!

  4. I love that you guys do the traditional gifts! That's really fun! Wood is kind of tricky...I like that log cabin idea, or just something simple like making a sign of wood with his favorite sports team logo, or your last name with established in whatever year you were married.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do! :) Happy Anniversary!

    - Katie @ Sweet Little Ones

  5. I gave Dylan a nice watch with a wood face. Totally unusual, but he loves it!


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