Celebrating 25 Months/Surviving Snake #2

My sweet parents sent us a gift certificate for our 2 year anniversary to one of our favorite restaurants here in Scottsdale: Petite Maison! We held onto it and decided to use it Friday night to celebrate our 25th month of marriage and of course surviving snake #2 (if you're calculating, that's one snake for every 12.5 months of marriage ; )

We usually only get to go to Petite Maison once a year (on Valentines Day) so I was super excited for a night of delectable food. Max and I both started with the chilled melon soup:

I chose the seared scallops:

While Max opted for steak frites (that's me caught sneaking some frites).

Our Grand Marnier soufflé was gone in about 2.2 seconds so we didn't catch a photo of dessert. Yay to 25 months! Thanks, mom and dad!

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  1. Those seared scallops look delicieux! I'll have to put Petite Maison on my bucket list if I'm ever in AZ;-) happy 2 years and 2 snakes!


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