What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that we are now in possession of our new dining room table! We just had to try it out right away. Please excuse that we are in our socks and slippers - so not formal. And never mind that we had to steal chairs from the kitchen or that we're in a sea of brown without a colorful rug and chairs, we were still very excited : )

I'm loving the Scottsdale PD. We had an unfortunate run-in with identity theft and the Scottsdale police were super quick to help us out with a police report and information (at midnight on a Friday no less!).

I'm loving that our front door is ready for Halloween.

I'm loving our current science unit in first grade: The Human Body! The kids are seriously enthralled by bones right now. I'm all ready with my outfit for our Human Body/Halloween Party (a Wal Mart purchase!).

Finally, I'm loving seeing this little guy during the school day : )

Happy October!


  1. new follower, found you through the link up! Your blog is so cute! That is scary you had a run in with identity theft but I am glad the police were super quick to help you guys!


  2. I love that table! It's so pretty! I love that t-shirt too--your kids are going to love it! Have a great Wednesday!

  3. Your new table is beautiful and so BIG! Love it!

  4. I love how big your dining room table is! I dream of one just like that some day. :)

  5. Keep calm and teach on - fantabulous - love it!

  6. Beautiful dining room table! Looks perfect in your dining room :)


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