A Tale of Two Weekends: Home Edition

This weekend it was h to the ot (see below for proof). The radio station in the car was actually playing some advertisement that went like this "Just when you thought it was safe to turn off the air conditioner, Mother Nature decided to remind you that we live in the Valley of the Sun."

Apparently I'm in denial because I picked up these boots on Friday afternoon (not something you're going to be donning in 100 degree weather). Perhaps I'll be able to wear them by January (perhaps).

Outdoor work was out of the question so we went for indoor home improvement: installing more baseboards! (We still have a ways to go before they're all installed.) We did do the cutting outside though (don't worry, what you see on the ground is a garden hose and not a huge snake).

And I whipped up this Halloween take on Cake Batter Rice Krispies, delish!

Last weekend actually felt like fall (for the desert anyway) so we did get a huge amount of yard work done (and just in time for the bulk trash pickup! Thank you, Scottsdale!).

While we were working in the backyard, I saw a big scary bug and called Max over.

Yeah, I think I'd be okay if I never saw this guy again. Kudos to the hubby for the great photograph though ; )

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  1. Boots are too cute! I can't believe it's still 100 degrees!!!! Sending fall vibes your way...


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