We recently spotted this guy in our backyard:

He was ginormous (about a foot and a half tall - just look at his talons) and very cool to see in person. Especially after I found out that owls are good luck signs! I mean, I have my seven years of good luck for kissing the sting ray in Grand Cayman but a girl could always use more ; )

Max and I were especially happy to see this new guy after the lil' accident we had last fall with a baby owl. You see, Max had heard some noise outside and thought that there was a pigeon trying to get into the attic (bad). So he took out the garden hose and sprayed the "pigeon" which turned out to be a very startled owl. The baby owl was not happy being all wet.

We felt awful.

The owl just looked so hurt. His eyes were saying: Why did you do this to me?

And he was such a tiny little thing!

So we're glad to be back to good with these guys. I even ordered this owl wreath from Paper Source. I thought it was very Halloween-y. It's going to arrive as a bunch of paper I have to put together so here's hoping mine looks like the picture ; )


  1. Oh my goodness! I could totally see my hubby and me making the same mistake! Don't feel bad..the owl wreath totally makes up for it! Happy fall!

  2. AWWW!!! So cute!! I Love owls! That baby owl is stinkin' adorable!


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