Ding Dong The Snake Is Gone

A year ago when I found the snake in our house we thought it was a fluke - a freak accident. I mean, how does a snake get into a house? Fast forward to this Wednesday morning: I'm sleepily walking from the kitchen back to the bedroom, coffee in hand, when I spy snake #2. I'm surprised I didn't drop the mug. I screamed of course and ran to get the hubby, but by the time we reached the hallway said snake was gone.

I'm becoming wiser with each snake experience. The first one taught me that, when the snake whisperer says don't worry, the little guy will find his own way out, this is false and the snake is going to stay in the house until it's removed. This latest experience taught me that screaming will scare the snake into hiding (I actually should have learned this the first time - I'm a bit slow). So there we were, Wednesday morning, late for work, with a snake loose in the house. I must say, it was much nicer to have the hubs there with me versus at a business dinner in England a la last time, however any way you spin it a snake in the house is not fun.

We seriously went to bed on Wednesday night with the snake still somewhere in the house (shudder). I hid in the bathtub most of that evening (le sad). I mentioned that we should be bunking at the Four Seasons down the road (I mean, I saw a snake) but Max pointed out that if we left we wouldn't be staying at the Four Seasons, we would be staying at some affordable hotel which took all the fun out of my consolation prize.

Luckily, Max found snake #2 Thursday morning by the fireplace in the den. Since it was a little guy he picked it up with his bare hands (I'm so not happy about that- we need one of those snake grabbers) and let it free outside our fence into the natural open area space, all while I was still sleeping! So the best news to wake up to! When I found out, I channeled The Wizard of Oz and started singing ding dong the snake is gone!

Of course, now we're left with the question of how are these guys getting in? Both of them were found near the laundry room, which opens to the garage... could this be it? I mean, it looks sealed to me but clearly the snakes are getting in somehow!

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