Wednesday Love!

I'm loving that our laundry room is getting a little extra glam : ) When we purchased our dining room chandelier, we also bought a mini version for the front entryway. It ended up being way too small, so instead the chandelier found a new home in the laundry room : ) I just need to hang the crystals!

I'm loving that I arrived at school one morning to a Boo!

The Boo! chain just started at school - when you get a surprise/anonymous treat, you have 48 hours to spread the Halloween fun! I just loved what my Boo! person left me - perfect for our first grade study of the skeletal system!

Most of all, I'm loving my wonderful hubby : ) Look how happy he is here in his home "office" - I was next to him at his desk grading papers when I turned and he had pulled this cart over to - I don't know monitor something? To me, it looks like it's full of those fake screens and boxes you might see in a lab on a movie or T.V.

But it's all real; I promise.

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  1. Aw I love the 'Boo' tradition! My neighborhood growing up did that and it was SO much fun to ding-dong-ditch for it! Cute blog by the way! :)


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