Out with the Old

Even though this past weekend was the fourth weekend in October, it was the first weekend Max and I were both in the same place together. I had so been missing my husband. Our house has been missing him, too. After all, I can't do electrical work or lift heavy things on my own (I suppose I could try, it just wouldn't turn out well for anyone). Anyway, with the electrician back in the household, we decided to tackle the removal of the hallway chandelier. I know it seems odd to be removing a light fixture. However, one of the first things our realtor pointed out on our walkthrough of the house was the many hanging light fixtures in one area. She pointed out that they made the space seem cluttered. And while I know they were chosen with care by the previous owners, they are so not our style.

Max had already installed recessed cans for lighting the space:

But our real problem was getting rid of the old, heavy chandelier, which was hanging from a seventeen foot ceiling. For this we employed the help of Home Depot and their renting department. For the low price of $20 we got to take home a 14 foot A-Frame ladder for four hours (retail price over $600 so I think we got a deal). Maneuvering this thing around was quite interesting - it's not only
really long but it's really heavy. Getting the ladder off the car and into the house actually took more effort and time than the actual project of removing the light, which went super quickly:

Step one: Disconnect all wiring

Step Two: Walk chandelier down the ladder

It happened so fast I could barely get photos! There was actually a third and fourth step - affixing a cover to the area and painting over to remove any trace of the light fixture:

Our new space looks much cleaner and open, however this wall is totally exposed now! We are still planning on staining the rails a nice dark color, but I think the wall needs something too, now. What do you think - a huge clock or maybe a big painting? Brainstorming is so much fun!

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