Bring on the Pumpkin: Recipe #1

I was so excited to start the first of many pumpkin recipes. I was off to a promising start:

Pumpkin Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

I mean, the dough looked nice and orangey. And then I tasted it. Not so yummy. So I thought that after I baked them, they might be better. Nope. With the frosting then? That actually made them worse. I'm not going to even post the recipe because I don't want someone accidently making them. I will tell you though that the recipe was from the "Food Network Kitchen" on their website (it didn't have any reviews though, although I guess I'm giving it one now). It was so disheartening to make a whole batch of cookies (I even grated the nutmeg!) just to have to throw them away, but I suppose that's how you whittle them down to find the really good ones. Here's hoping recipe #2 is better : )

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