Our Long(est) Distance Phone Calls

This past weekend, I was here with my sister (image courtesy of my iPhone):

Yes, we took a four-day "Sister Trip" to Hawaii!

While we were out there, my Saint of a husband had to fly back out to England (I say Saint because while I was out snorkeling in the ocean, he was taking a red eye with a raincoat). Although he was flying even further away from me, I was intrigued by the fact that when we spoke to each other, it would be our longest distance phone call to date!

When I told this to Max, he reminded me that he called me via Satellite phone when he was at the South Pole. I checked the exact distances, and our South Pole to San Jose calls clocked in at a distance of 8,810 miles while our London to Honolulu calls would be a 9,790 mile difference. We had a new winner!!

After our first (11 hour time difference) call I snapped this photo on my iPhone:

I'm the blue and Max is the red, and even google maps knew we were way too far apart!

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