Cutesy Spooky

I actually used to be not-so-into Halloween. Creepy and scary is just so not my thing. Horror movies? No thank you. I can't even watch commercials for them. Insects? Eeek! But with a cute spin, anything can be lovable.

Skulls made of rhinestones:

Sparkly spiders (muuuch better than the real ones I used to find in my bedroom in Los Gatos):

Even this tombstone looked cute to me with all the sparkle:

This faux crow doesn't have any added cuteness and has thus already scared me on more than one occasion (maybe more than two) when I spun around forgetting that it was there:

It's supposed to be guarding the Halloween candy in the vase (it's not working, we still munch on it - Max goes for the Snickers and I take all the Twix). Talking to the neighbors we've determined that we are on a high traffic street for the trick-or-treaters so we're going to need to pick up a lot more candy anyway. T minus two weeks until our first Halloween in our new house!

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