Living AZ

This past weekend, Max and I attempted to do some yard work and then took a quick dip in the pool to cool off. Upon entering the pool, I shouted out "chilly, chilly, chilly!" because the water was just that - cold! Max started laughing and said that the pool had to be 80 degrees, to which I replied: no way. I looked down at my goosebumps. It had to be in the 70's. Max swam over to grab the pool thermometer and came back to show me the reading: 84 degrees. Yes, I was complaining over water that was in the 80's. Max said that that definitely meant I had crossed over to being desert acclimated. I wanted to point out that normal body temperature is 98 degrees, so really anything below that should feel cool, but I knew he was right. I was officially a pansy. It would be only a matter of time before I became one of those desert people who break out the scarves when the weather dips below 90. I'm serious; I saw this last year around Scottsdale. And they weren't wearing the breezy, lightweight, decorative scarves, they were wearing the chunky, knit "I'm wearing this to keep myself warm in the 88 degree weather" scarves.

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