May Beach Days

It's already June, but I couldn't let May slip by without more Gulf Coast pics...

I wrote in a previous post that we rented a house on the beach for a one-week stay with our dear friends who live in Nashville (which is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Huntsville). 

We had a mix of weather - cloudy the first couple days and sunnier towards the end of the trip, so we had a chance to see everything. 

Little Man actually loved the crazy windy days because the waves were really lively and he loved being knocked over. 

Sheer excitement for him.

And sheer joy. He was all smiles the whole time

(And Mama was, too.)

Waking up and walking out on our balcony in the morning was just perfection.

I think I mentioned before that it was a pretty remote area. The beach was "private" but it was also a really random time (early May) so many of the houses were empty. For most of the trip we didn't have any other people within any sort of distance from us, which made it seem really private (and oh so lovely).

Every morning we set up shop and just camped out until afternoon. The boys got creative at the end of our trip and made their own t-ball on the beach!

Staying in a house with a kitchen was major plus with three little ones running around... and it meant the adults got to eat well, too!

My favorite dinner, hands down, was our blue crab feast! 

The moms went on quite the adventure to secure said crabs... first I just couldn't comprehend that they were only a dollar a piece, and then there was the shrieking (all me) as the fisherman dumped the very active crabs directly into our ice chest (because yes, we basically purchased them right off the boat). True to their name, they were actually the color blue before cooking! (Though this one had been stunned with ice and was no longer moving at warp speed.)

During our stay, we took a break from the beach one day and headed out to putt putt golf. Parker (begin an avid at-home mini golfer) was thrilled. Talk about it for days after thrilled. Golfed each of the eighteen holes twice thrilled. 

He also made his first hole-in-one!

Really, the kid could not get enough golf. 

Or beach, or ocean.

Soaking up all the sun (#kleinpartyofthree).

Until next time, Gulf Coast.
(and P.S. I still can't believe you are located in Alabama!)


  1. How fun! I've never been to the east coast but would love to go someday! That salmon and cream cheese bagel looks delicious!

    1. It's been my favorite think about all our moves - getting to experience living in different areas of the country!!


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