Miscellany Monday

Happy Miscellany Monday! Here are the random things I'm thinking about this morning...

1. YMCA T-Ball might just be the cutest thing ever

Parker had his very first game at the end of May. Having just turned three in March, he's one of the very youngest in this "under five" summer league. But since he's obsessed with t-ball at home, we thought we'd give it a try. It's a very "fun focused" league - everyone hits, everyone runs, everyone wins. I'm so looking forward to a summer of these sweet Saturday games!

2. Although Parker regularly checks out books from our downtown library, I never do. I think I've inquired maybe twice before about recent releases at the counter, and was told each time I was something ridiculous like number forty-five on the holds list. I'm just not that patient so I didn't even bother adding my name, and instead ordered the books immediately via Amazon, which has been my BFF for books. Then, I discovered online holds. And it's opened up a whole new world! 

Being able to add to my holds list wherever, whenever is super convenient. I just look at my Amazon recommendations list and search for the books on my online library account. It tells me immediately if the book is checked out, and if so, how many people are in line ahead of me. I'm informed when the books are in, and I just pop on over to the library to pick them up. (I also feel super special because they are waiting and wrapped just for me!) If you don't already have an online library account, check to see if your local library does it! I feel like it's hit and miss with recent releases (Pretty Happy was delivered in just a couple days, but there are still thirty-something people in front of me for The Nest) but all-in-all I'm quite happy!

3. Did you know that Siri can identify songs that are playing? We discovered this recently (and accidently), but I've already used the feature multiple times! It's so handy - just ask Siri what song is playing. She'll say something like Hold on, let me listen and then she'll give all the information. It's even worked in crowded noisy restaurants!

4. I really grew to love desert life over our five years living in Scottsdale (I'm especially fond of the rare saguaros), but I must say that growing summer gardens in the south is so. Much. Fun.

5. It feels like summer, right? I think it's time to switch out the (ahem, multiple) chalkboards to something seasonally appropriate. I love something like this garvin and co print to ring in summer...

What are your random Monday thoughts?


  1. I had no clue that Siri could identify songs!! That is soooo going to come in handy! I'm constantly hearing something and wanting to know what it is, so I'll have to try it the next time the opportunity arises!

  2. I had no clue about Siri. I love my online library account. My library's wraps include our names and the note "Please check me out" it makes me giggle all the time. Jess at Just Jess

  3. I LOVE Parker in his little t-ball uniform. I just did a search for our area a couple weeks ago to find 3+ sports programs, but I found nothing. So bummed. I wanted to sign Mila up for t-ball or soccer! I love that Happy Camper print!

  4. We go to the library often too, but I never get anything :-p I have a BILLION books on my bookshelf at home that I've purchased and not gotten to yet. Someday I'll get to where I rent them from the library! I am, however, listening to a book on tape through the public library website. It's awesome! I didn't know that Siri could do that! Do you just hold down the button or what?

    1. I should definitely get into books on tape! To have Siri identify, just summon her like you normally would and ask her to tell you what's playing!

  5. Oh the t-ball uniform!! So very cute and i Had NO idea about SIRI!!


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