Happy Friday! We've been back in Alabama for over a week now, and we hopped back into everything summer as soon as we returned...


Parker started and completed his first round of swim lessons at our community pool, and he'll do round two in July. We love being able to walk to the pool and our wagon is getting lots of use!


We celebrated Father's Day with lunch at our favorite steakhouse located at the outdoor Bridge Street Town Centre; the weather was phenomenal!


We tended to our garden, which had been a bit neglected while we were away.


We jumped back into our Monday summer night routine of walking downtown to enjoy the weekly concert in the park. Little Man loves everything about these Monday nights - the walk there, dancing to the music, dining outdoors, watching the ducks, and probably most of all, ordering his choice of shaved ice. Green Apple was the winner this night! I enjoyed a Whole 30-friendly unsweetened iced tea. 


And finally, we have found our favorite new pastime - bowling! Max and I used to love going pre-Parker (we both even have our own shoes and Max has his own ball). Last weekend after Sweet P's t-ball game, Max and Parker came across a new-to-us bowling alley while I was at barre class. They vetted it for Mama-friendliness, and Parker was obsessed. Didn't want to leave, wanted to play right then obsessed. So when I met them at home after barre, they piled me in the car (still in barre clothes, Parker still in his t-ball uniform) and we played our first games as a family of three. Parker was in heaven, especially with the kiddie ramp they brought out for him, allowing him to do it all by himself (even the picking up of the six pound ball, which is no small feat when you yourself are under thirty pounds). 

 Today was Max's off Friday, so we found ourselves there again, and we are even now proud owners of summer season passes! 

What's your favorite summer pastime?


  1. I see we were the late comers to the link-up parties this week. Ha! I'm right behind you in all three. =)

    Delta Mae refuses to let us help her carry her bowling balls. I'm so worried she's going to drop it on her toes!

    1. So funny about posting back-to-back! And yes, OMG, I hold my breath everysingletime he insists on holding that ball - especially when he's stepping UP on the bowling platform, eeeek!


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