Gearing Up for the 4th!

It's almost July, which to me sends the message that summer is in full swing. And with our nation's birthday right around the corner, I whipped up a craft for Parker to get in the patriotic spirit...

All you need is:
White Paper
Red and Blue Paint (we like Crayola Washables)
Two Paper Plates (or reusable plastic ones)
Star Shaped Cookie Cutters

I just spread some paint on one of the plates (we started with the blue paint) and let Parker go to town stamping! He loved it and insisted on doing multiple pages :) We let the blue dry before stamping the red on top (you could probably do both at the same time but I didn't want the colors to all blend together). It was simple to prep for, and tons of fun for the little guy - a win, win in my book!

If you are looking for something a bit more intensive, click here for the tutorial on the flag art we made last year! It's probably my favorite piece Parker has ever completed, and I know I'll be bringing it out every July from now until forever.

I checked out every 4th of July children's book I could find at the library, but this one I ordered on Amazon is my favorite...

These sweet patriotic toddler swim trunks and pajams are calling out my name...

And how adorable is this pillow? At just $8, it's totally a steal...

Also, I might have to whip up this snack for Parker just so I can smell it (cream cheese and toast are on the Whole 30 absolutely not list, but they taste oh so good together, amiright?)...

How are you gearing up for the fourth??

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