California Love

Who loves California? Why, this little guy right here!

This of course makes me all sorts of happy. 

I might be a Southern Wifey right now, but my first twenty-six-and-a-half years were spent in the Golden State, so I love taking Parker there each year (this was in fact his sixth trip to California in his three short years). 

On our must-do list each year...

Visiting Mama's California friends (and their littles!)...

Exploring Stanford (where Max was attending grad school when we first met)...

Stanford 2016

Stanford 2015

This year, Parker was especially obsessed with the bell tower, and playing in the quad with his new soccer ball that we picked up at the Stanford bookstore. 

Also, I literally have dreams about Palo Alto's artisanal, tart Fraiche yogurt (we indulged twice during this trip, score!). 

Another must-do? The beach with SheShe and Ayah!

 Beach-bound 2014

Beach-bound 2016

After experiencing the Gulf Coast just a month prior, Parker kept commenting that the California beach was coooold! Knowing that we'd soon be returning home to hot and humid Alabama, I was happy to soak up some chilly temps!

We made our way to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk which was a bit warmer, and this dipped cone had my name all over it...

Enjoying a ride with his Ayah...

I just love the boardwalk colors.
 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk 2015

 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk 2016

This trip we also celebrated Cousin Kate's grad school graduation!

We partied all day and Parker was in heaven with ping pong, a bounce house, corn hole, taco and churro trucks, and tons of attention!

The fam :)

Since everyone lives in different states, this was the first time the grandparents had both their grandkids at the same time!

After a full day of festivities, Parker and I peeled off early evening to grab In-N-Out (our last California must!). Since we'd be flying out the next morning, we booked a room at The Hayes Mansion, close to the airport. It was our first time there, and I was pleasantly surprised with the grounds and accommodations for a modestly priced hotel (bonus points for being a historical landmark). I donned my hotel robe and we enjoyed our In-N-Out milkshake in bed (a vacation tradition in the making?).

 Milkshakes in Bed, San Jose 2016

Milkshakes in Bed, Seattle 2015

And then, we were off. Someone loves a room service breakfast just like his Mama!

A matchy-matchy cousin photo shoot before we headed to the airport...

And then this champ, riding the rental car shuttle bus headed toward lifetime flights #45 and #46... travel pro.

All the California Love!


  1. What a fun trip!! I bet the cooler temps in California were super refreshing. That dipped cone looks amazing and can you believe I've never had In-n-out?! I should have tried it when I was in California. I definitely will next time!

    1. Yes!! I dream of In-N-Out... it's both a blessing and a curse I have no access in Alabama ;)

  2. My husband is from this area and I can't wait to take our little guy there one day!

    1. Love the Bay Area!! Though a good portion of the trip was spent in the rental car because of #traffic


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