Garden Update: June

Evenings in the garden are my favorite. We head outside after dinner (usually at Parker's insistence), with little man's feet going a mile a minute, too excited to even get the words out: Wawa gardeeeen! Wawa gardeeeen!! He would spend hours out there, filling up his watering can and showering his favorites (the okra, rosemary, and his pinwheel), picking handfuls of chives, basil, mint, and oregano to munch on, and ninja-ing my hose to take over the heavy work himself. 

Here's what's going on in the garden this month: We are officially a critter snack shack (horrified hands over face). 

We completely lost our Cherokee Purple heirloom tomato plant after a bunny, chipmunk, or one of their buddies literally chewed through the stalk forcing it to fall over. I found it the next morning all shriveled up from the sun, and if I could admit to being devastated over a tomato plant, I would say that I was devastated. So we now have an empty tomato cage on the left. We noticed that the same exact thing was happening to the tomato plant on the right, so husby hightailed it to Home Depot and made a little barricade out of chicken wire before the stalk collapsed completely (thanks, husby!).

 It seems to be working for now, and the minor damage at the base of the stalk doesn't seem to be deterring the Brandywine heirlooms from producing, yeah! Tons of yellow flowers/future tomatoes...

And a few green ones ready for ripening! 

Also on its merry way, our bell pepper plant! There's lots of flowering happening, so I'm looking forward to little bell peppers showing up soon. 

I can't say the same of our okra. It was perfectly fine one night, then the next day, all the leaves were covered in little tiny holes! Any garden experts out there? I'm guessing it's some sort of insect. Who is very, very hungry.

All our herbs are going crazy. It's so, so much fun! I've never been able to just pop on out to the yard for mint or oregano or basil - I'm loving it! 

Here's hoping July brings red, ripe, tomatoes! I'm dying to snag some with a handful of basil and some fresh mozzarella from the organic market for an amazing Caprese salad!

Also, here's hoping Little Bunny FooFoo finds another snack shack. Or perhaps we'll have to fence of the okra and bell peppers like we did the tomatoes. Stay tuned to see!


  1. Your garden looks like so much fun! And apparently the critters hanging around think so too :) hope you get some delicious food soon!

  2. Your garden looks great! I bet you'll have a whole lot of peppers and tomatoes really quickly! :-)

  3. I just made some fresh caprese salad for lunch - I got a purple basil plant this year! It's pretty and tastes the same to me :)

    1. Interesting! We did three kinds of mint including chocolate mint, but I don't notice that much of a difference between them, either.


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