The One About Tomatoes

Y'all. Last week I spotted the first heirloom tomatoes in our garden. And I did a little happy dance. 

I mean, being my first garden, I was just thrilled that everything in there was alive. Then one of the tomatoes went missing. And I thought maybe I miscounted and there were only two, not three. Then, another disappeared. I looked and looked for it - maybe one of the storms knocked it off the plant? Unlikely, but I mean, how could a nice little green tomato just disappear? Then, yesterday. Yesterday we went out to check on the garden, and we were completely tomato-less. I wanted to cry. (Max of course thought I was ridiculous!)

Well, today, I think I spotted the little critter who has been using our garden as a snack shack! It was a teeny tiny super-cute little chipmunk, so it was hard to be mad at him. Except that I'm twelve kinds of angry. You can see his little tracks in the garden picture above. 

So, what are we to do? Well, in the meantime we are just continuing to take care of our flowers and veggies and herbs like usual. 

Evenings in the backyard are the best!

But, if any of you have ideas for protecting our tomatoes (and future okra and bell peppers) we are open to suggestion!

In other news, we are officially community pool fans. 

The baby pool is actually pretty genius. And visiting on a weekday while Dada is at work? Yes I feel pretty guilty that he's missing out, but what an awesome activity to be able to pick up and do whenever!  

And by "whenever" I of course mean "whenever it's not storming outside" as we do get our fair share of on-again off-again rain and thunder in these parts. It's what makes everything green and gorgeous, so I'm not complaining in the least!

Swim Days = Epic Nap Days, though, so I'm hoping for just enough sun to let us get our swim on! 

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  1. I want a community pool! And I want it an 8 minute walk away!! How lucky.

    I have no idea how to get rid of your critter...I did read that some animals don't like spearmint so you could spray some around your tomatoes and see if that helps?


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