Almost Summer in the South

Even though the official start of summer isn't until the end of the month, it feels like summer, so I couldn't help myself from freshening up our chalkboard in the den. And why does it feel like summer, you ask? 

Maybe it's cooking all our delicious fresh produce courtesy of our weekly CSA box.

Maybe it's working in the garden with my littlest helper. 

Or maybe it's all the hot and humid days we've been having! 

And just like monograms and sweet tea, we have discovered another southern staple: the community pool. While backyard pools were plentiful in Scottsdale (it's harder to find a house that doesn't have a pool there), most all of the houses we looked at buying here in Alabama did not have pools. Instead, everyone belongs to a community pool. The house we ended up buying is pool-less, so what's this water loving family to do? Why yes, join the community pool! We were able (even with a wait list!) to join the pool in our neighborhood, which is perfect because it's an eight and a half minute walk door-to-door! This past weekend, we loaded up Parker in his wagon to test the pool out.

We walk through the neighborhood elementary school to get to the pool. Also, note all the green! I remember that was the first thought I had about Alabama: It's sooooo green!

Little man still loves the water. And bonus for this mamma - we get to now swim during the week when Dadda's at work! I never wanted to swim in Scottsdale alone with Parker just for safety reasons, but now we can head over whenever since there are always lifeguards at the pool!
So am I right? Does it feel like summer where you are, too??


  1. Yes, it was 104 here in AZ yesterday!

    1. Eeeek! I remember June in the desert all too well!

  2. It absolutely feels like summer here, too! Being walking distance from a community pool is such a great thing for summer :)

  3. Yay for summer! The best time of year :) Our weather here in Michigan is still up and down but definitely heading in the right direction!!


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