Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Max has the day off work and Nana & Papa are in town for some grandparent fun! Here's my top five to kick off the weekend...

1. Parker has been very interested in letters for some time now. He can identify quite a few of them (just from pure curiosity and asking us about them), so I felt it was time to do some structured letter exploration! We took advantage of some gorgeous weather on Monday and did outdoor paint time. 

I just took a piece of canvas paper, used painters tape to make an uppercase "A" (we'll just work on capitals for now) and let Parker go to town with the Crayola Washables. He needed just a bit of prompting to get the entire paper covered, but it was 100% his work. He even chose all the colors! (Though if you are going more for aesthetics here, I'd pre-pick colors that blend nicely like blues and yellows or yellows and reds - we were at high risk of ending up with twelve shades of brown for Parker's picture but luckily it turned out pretty bright and colorful still.)

After the paint dried, I peeled off the tape. Adorable, right? We're going to hang the letters he makes on an art wall upstairs so we can point them out and talk about them more. 

2. More uppercase letters: O.C. (!!) How many of you watched The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 premier this week? 

Reality television is so my guilty pleasure. However, it looks a lot different now that we don't have cable. Yep, you read that right. We've been in our new house for six months, and we never hooked up the cable. AND, we're not going to (insert shocked face with hands covering eyes). I've written before how we strive to have a television-free home for our toddler, so the T.V. was never on during the day back at our old house anyway, unless Parker was sleeping. It was really only used for me or Max to watch select shows when Parker was napping or down for the night. Since we moved into the new house, we've been watching those shows via streaming services. Every few weeks, I'd tell Max that I missed having the news on, or seeing shows right when they aired, or that I wanted to watch shows we can't find on streaming (like The Pioneer Woman, because I want to be her). Then, just last night, Max informed me of just how much money we are saving by not subscribing to cable. And y'all, it was mind boggling. So, for the foreseeable future, we are going "unplugged" - however I feel I'm cheating because I still figure out a way to watch my Housewives. 

3. A few weeks ago I wrote about my love of all things Daddy + Mini, and included these Pair of Thieves socks. Y'all, I opened up my latest US Weekly a few days ago, and what did they include in their Father's Day section??

Yep! The Daddy + Mini sock set! I should totally be working for US Weekly. I still have not seen the sock pairs in stores, but they are now available online! 

4. Taco Tuesday is the new mealtime tradition in the Klein House, and it's been fabulous. Look for Taco Tuesday posts coming your way starting next week!

5. We were reading Little Blue Truck Leads the Waylast night (a favorite over here) and Parker pointed to this gal and said "Mama!"

I mean, I can't imagine why...

There's no such thing as too much caffeine, right? Especially when there is a two year old involved??

Happy Friday!


  1. Love the RHOC! Looks like this season is going to be pretty crazy!

  2. That is such a cute craft idea! Love it!

  3. That letter idea is great! Love Parker's masterpiece!

    I'm a sucker for reality TV as well and I definitely watched RHOC. I was kind of excited for Meghan Edmonds (since I'm a baseball fan and know who her husband is), but I'm a little disappointed with her so far. You said you watch RHONY, right? I love Bethenny but she's kind of annoying me this season.

    LOL to Parker finding "you" in the book!

  4. Love the letter A masterpiece! Enjoy your Taco Tuesdays - they are the best :)

  5. love the A artwork...such a great idea! I may have to do that with Elyse in the fall when we're searching for indoor activities!

  6. Haha love the coffee selfies! And can't believe I missed that the RHOC started this week!! Is there a way to watch it online through Bravo's website? Happy Friday!

    1. Yes! Just go to the RHOC page and it streams for free :)

  7. I love that letter idea...of course you have all the best toddler activities! I am able to go pretty TV free when I'm nannying but it's so hard when we are at home and I want/need to get some chores done. Plus Ellie loves the "hotdog dance" from Mickey Mouse and Daniel Tiger teaches some great skills. Mad props bc I would love to save all the money we spend on that but I love my tv too much!

  8. Loved this post! I wish I could give up cable but I think I would die. Loving OC! Loving the coffee pics! Love your stories and how you write!!!!

  9. We don't have cable either and try not to have our TV on during the day. I'm a little behind on the OC but I've recently started from the beginning on Hulu. The drama is hilarious and it's definitely a guilty pleasure of mine too!
    XO, Kelly

  10. Great idea with the letters! And what Mom doesn't love Crayola Washables!? They are seriously the best paints for littles! The coffee one is hilarious! Isn't it amazing what their two year selves pick up?! Enjoy your weekend!


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