Baby, It's Cold Outside

Growing up in California, I'm new to this whole "snow day" thing. But let me tell you, after experiencing my first (and second and third), I can tell you that they are FABULOUS! 

When we first decided to move to Huntsville, we saw that the area averages a couple inches of snow a year, so we expected to get some. Imagine our surprise (and everyone's) when this happened:

While five-ish inches of snow would be nothing in say Chicago or upstate New York where husby went to undergrad, our area is simply not used to this much snow (or prepared to deal with it in any real way). So, the entire town closes. No school for the kids, and more importantly, no going into work for husby!! 

Instead, he gets to teach little man how to make snowballs!

And how to build snowmen! Parker requested a kitty cat!

Max insisted we enjoy our hot tub that night while it was still snowing outside. I had reservations about trekking through the snow in a swimsuit, but sitting in the hot tub and looking at the incredibly gorgeous snow-covered backyard (all bright white and reflective) was amazing! I did end up climbing through a window to get back into the house, ha!

The next morning we woke up to a winter wonderland. Max explained that the snow dampens all sound, and you can totally feel it. Everything is peaceful and quiet, and oh-so pretty. 

I had placed a bowl on our deck the day before to collect some snow to make Snow Cream. Apparently this is a "Southern" thing, so of course I had to try it! I found lots of different recipes on Pinterest, all using some combination of sugar and milk mixed with snow. I followed the ratio used here, which included a pinch of salt. 

I had a happy morning helper. 

Stir, Parker, stir!

My first snow cream, not bad! 

Parker was obsessed. 

Post snow-cream-breakfast, Max shoveled our walk and P and I played in the front yard. 

Happy Snow Day to all! 


  1. It's been a while since we've had snow and I'd forgotten how peaceful and quiet it is. So beautiful and sitting in a hot tub b while it's snowing is such a fantastic experience. Happy snow!!

  2. I love it!! I was hoping we'd get a bit of snow in Mississippi this winter, but it seems pretty unlikely that we will now that it's March and we still haven't gotten any. I'll just enjoy your snowy pictures and the snow ice cream looked delicious.


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