February Reads

My February reading started with the new release The Girl on the Train. It had been compared to Gone Girl so I purchased it with cautious optimism, being the GG lover I am. It totally lived up to the comparison, in a different instead of copy-cat sort of way. It was structured as multiple voices telling different chapters, switched back and forth between present and past à la Gone Girl, and also centered around a crime. The Girl on the Train, though, features a main character who is also an alcoholic and can't remember what happens when she drinks, which adds the whole element that she doesn't even know if she has committed the crime or not. 

This book was definitely a page-turner thriller. Once I was about 3/4 of the way done, I absolutely had to finish it in that sitting, just to see what was going to happen! I totally recommend it if you are in the mood for an exciting read. 

My second book this month, Wild, popped up on my Amazon "you might like this" list. Wild was actually published some years ago, but was recently made into a major motion picture starring Reese Witherspoon. The book's synopsis had me at PCT. Ah, PCT (for the Pacific Crest Trail), an acronym so close to PCH, the Pacific Coast Highway, where I have logged so many hours and so many miles driving. (Born and bred in California, a Golden State Girl I will always be). Anyway, though I was very familiar with the PCH, I knew little about the PCT, a hiking trail that runs all through California, over the Sierras on to Oregon and Washington. I was intrigued by this true story of a twenty-something girl who ventured out on her own to conquer the trail at a pivotal point in her life. The author actually wrote the book many years after hiking the trail, with the ability to look back on the experience and pinpoint its place in changing her for the better. 

The actual reading of the book was pretty interesting. The author would go between really detailed descriptions of hiking the trail and skimming overviews, dotted by flashbacks to her life pre-trail. I enjoyed the book and recommend it if you want an inspiring story that puts you in places and situations you've never been. 

What was on your February book list??


  1. I am about to read The Good Girl. I heard it was good. I will keep you posted

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