Blue Week

Last week we learned all about the color "boooooo!" (blue!). Now, blue was one of the first colors Parker was able to identify, and he's been consistent with it for months now, but I still wanted to devote a week to studying it.

One of my favorite things during our colors weeks has been making one-color meals and snacks. Unfortunately, there really aren't any naturally occurring blue foods (or if there are, please let me know!). Yes, there are blueberries, but they turn things more of a purplish color rather than true blue. So while I try hard to give Parker whole and natural foods, we just had to make some exceptions for Blue Week!

Parker got to munch on a blue cereal treat (Lucky Charms with just the blue marshmallows).

We walked downtown for a blue ice cream cone.

And Parker had his first taste of Jell-O. Blue of course! 

His sensory bin again had objects that had been collected from around the house. 

I've been including the color-of-the-week bean bag in each bin. These were leftover from my classroom days, but you can find similar ones here(they are great for reinforcing all the colors, too).

We had some really warm weather so we squeezed into last summer's blue clothing.

In true southern fashion (or so I am told), this was immediately followed by super-cold days, so we busted out the blue winter clothes. 

And Blue Week just wouldn't be Blue Week without the book Little Blue Truckof course! Little Blue Truck has been one of Parker's very favorites from the beginning. If you have a baby or toddler (or know a baby or toddler) they need this book! It has great illustrations of a country setting, teaches lots of animal sounds, includes rhyming text, and has a good message. We love it (as well as Little Blue Truck Leads the Way and Little Blue Truck's Christmaswhich just came out last December).

We ended the week with some blue watercolor painting.

We've been using theseMelissa and Doug paintbrushes with these liquid watercolrsand they've been working really well! I think liquid watercolors are totally the way to go for a toddler (versus the watercolor cakes). I just rinse off his brush and the container when he's done and that's all the cleanup there is!
We turned Parker's art into a "Welcome Home" sign that we brought to the airport when we picked up Daddy from his travel abroad. Parker of course dropped the sign and just went running to Dada as soon as he saw him, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Up next is our last color of the rainbow: purple! Any ideas for purple foods??


  1. So adorable! You're so creative with these color weeks :)
    XO Kelly

  2. Love this!! I wonder if Ellie will like jello? I can't stand it myself.

    Purple foods: blackberries, purple carrots, purple cauliflower,

    1. Ohhhh, purple carrots and cauliflower! You are good! Thanks! Hmmm, wondering if I can find those yet around here... it's still pretty early spring. Crossing my fingers.


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