Happy Friday!

1. Sweet P and I made the most adorable garland for St. Patrick's Day!

He did all the painting! We have been using these Liquid Watercolor Kit paints for his projects lately, and I love them! I just squirt a little in a cup for him, give him a brush, and let him go to town. It also lets me edit his colors, so for this project he only had green watercolor paint to work with (since Shamrocks are green!). I think paper makes a big difference, also, so if he's painting we use pages from this Watercolor Pad. After Parker was done, I just let his work dry, then traced some shamrocks on the page using a cookie cutter, cut them out and strung them on baker's twine. I'm not sure who had more fun, me or P?

2. Iced coffee, where have you been all my life all of 2015? I suppose I know where, in the refrigerator where you belong when it's thirty degrees out. But this week we saw temperatures in the seventies, y'all! Oh, iced coffee celebration. 

3. This week was also my Girls' Night out with the Sweet Huntsville Bloggers! I have been following Amanda from Kevin & Amanda for some years now (if you like to get cute fonts online you have probably visited her website as well!), so I totally felt like I was meeting a celebrity. A celebrity that I knew all about from reading her blog (#blogstalker). Dinner was at the Huntsville Melting Pot. This place was one of the draws of moving here. I kid you not. When we were talking about relocating to Alabama, our conversation went something like this...

Max: What do you think of Huntsville?
Me: Well, they do have a Melting Pot. I could live there since they have a Melting Pot. 
No joke. I'm all about the fondue and request it at least every birthday. Here we are on Girls Night with four different chocolate recipes (and that was just our side of the table, ha!). 
4. Daylight Savings happened. After five years of living in Arizona (a state that does not observe Daylight Savings) it was a bit of a shock to have to do it again. I'm all for just saying "No, thank you." Who's with me?? 

5. This little man will turn tdooooohh (two) next week! His sweet smile just gets me every time. He was looking so grown-up on our neighborhood walk here! Happy almost-birthday my littlest man!


  1. That garland is darling!!! I'm going to have to check out those water color products you mentioned. They sound perfect for toddlers.

    1. For toddlers, I love the liquid watercolors so much better than the cakes! Cleanup is WAY easier.

  2. Cute garland! And thanks for sharing about the water colors. I am always on the lookout for new painting options to use with my Little. Painting is his absolute favorite! I think I may use your idea for Easter... I think I have a bunny cookie cutter lying around here somewhere.... Have a lovely weekend!

    1. An Easter garland, I love it! You could even do eggs with the bunnies! Let me know how it turns out.

  3. Love love love the garland! It's kind of blowing my mind that this week is St. Patricks Day - 2015 is just flying by! Hope you guys had a great weekend :)


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