Green Week

Happy St. Patrick's Day Eve! We got the celebrating started early with our color-study of green, and we'll continue on with the fun right through St. Patty's day tomorrow!

Green has been, by far, the easiest color to work with. It's everywhere! We can't go for a car ride now without Parker pointing and calling out gah-wreeeeen! There were so many green foods to choose from that I did two different green lunches for little man. Parker had a green lunch of kiwi, spinach tortilla cream cheese roll ups, and broccoli...

And another green lunch of spinach tortellini in pesto, cucumber, avocado, and snap pea crisps. I used an Ikea rubber ice cube trayfor this lunch. Colored ice cube trays are just so fun and cute, and work so well for toddler meals! 

Green toddler fashion at work (and apparently, how to hail a cab in New York demo):

And green mommy fashion! 

We also made a shamrock garland for our green craft. Read more about our garland making here!

Also, we did the best activity ever. If you have a toddler, go to the store right now and pick up play dough, rigatoni pasta, and paper straws (or, if you are like me, you probably have all these items already in your house... and since it was green week you know I picked out the green straws).

Next, show your little one how to stick the straws in the play dough, set out the pasta and see what they do. Little man automatically tried threading them on the first straw! Yay for double-teaming and getting fine motor skill practice in there. I introduced more straws but he was pretty content just using the one, alternating between stacking a bunch of pieces on it, and just moving one up and down calling it an ingayeh (elevator). I put him in his high chair for this activity, and he was happily entertained for 15-20 minutes. Y'all, that is a lifetime in toddlerland. I think I have a new little-man-distraction for when I'm making dinner!
We'll be on the lookout for more gah-wreeeen today! Don't forget to wear some tomorrow!


  1. So cute! Happy St. Patrick's day!!
    XO Kelly

  2. Love it! Looks like so much fun!!


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