Five Friday Favorites: Valentine's Edition!

Happy February/My Very Favorite Holiday of the Year Month! I recently posted a Valentine's Day festive pic on Facebook and got a comment from my teaching mentor (who mentored me in 2005) saying "Valentine's Day - your favorite!" It reminded me that, yes, I have been obsessed with this holiday for some time. And, I was a singleton in 2005, and loved the holiday just the same. Now that I have a husband and a little man to share in the lovey dovey goodness, my heart is seriously just bursting at the seams. Here's how I've been celebrating so far...

1. I took inspiration from this recipe for blueberry turnovers and made these adorable heart-shaped pastries. I followed the directions of simmering blueberries with sugar and cornstarch for the filling (but I used frozen berries). I then took the rectangles of puff pastry and instead of folding them into triangles, I cut some as squares and some as hearts. I piled the blueberry mixture on top of squares of puff pastry, topped with the hearts and baked, and voilĂ ! A yummy breakfast (and snack, and dessert). 

2. I loosely followed this recipe for festive popcorn and made a yummy valentine snack mix! I think it would be totally cute packaged up in mason jars for neighbors (because, you know, we live in the south now and I think taking valentine popcorn to your neighbors is the thing to do). 

 3. I have these heart pancake molds and put them to use baking multigrain heart pancakes, yum.

4. I have a major weakness for chalkboards (bordering on obsession - I think there is one in every room of our house) so I had to start in on the festive chalkboard making.

5. I convinced husby to participate in a love themed photo shoot of little man in the backyard. It was a beautiful day and husby even set up Parker's teepee for a festive flair. I was responsible for running back and forth and getting little beeper to smile, and Max snapped all the photos. 

How are you celebrating the month of love?? 

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  1. Lots of yummy food. Ellie just discovered popcorn (read it was the only thing at one of the nanny houses for the kids to eat) and loves it. I think making a festive batch is on the cards for this week!!

    And those clothes you put little man in are so sweet. Where on earth do you find them!?!!


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