What's Up Wednesday

After seeing this adorable format on The Larson Lingo, I had to join in the fun and do a What's Up Wednesday post myself...

What we're eating this week:
I made a big batch of Chili Cheesy Mac this week from Damn Delicious. I discovered this recipe and the wonders of one-pot cooking when we were living in the one-bedroom condo over winter and we literally had one pot in the kitchen. One-pot meals, where have you been all my life?? This is a super easy recipe (as in I can make it with a little beeper in the kitchen with me!) and it's totally comfort food. I add fresh chopped spinach to get a veggie in and then really this is our whole supper. Also, I probably double the cheese :) 

And, I'm not gonna lie, there has been a fair amount of munching on Valentine's goodies!

What I'm reading:

The Girl on the Train: is it going to live up to GG glory? Tough to say, but it is number one on the NY Times Best Seller list as of two days ago. 

What I'm reminiscing about:
Just last night, husby and I were talking about diving and our favorite vacations. I listed Grand Cayman as my favorite dive trip, but nothing will ever beat honeymooning in Bora Bora! 

We look so completely happy and relaxed! 

What I'm looking forward to:
Little man is turning two next month! Two! We'll be celebrating with a family road trip to Atlanta to visit the Georgia Aquarium. Y'all I am twelve kinds of excited about taking little man to see the marine life! I think he's going to have a blast. 

What I'm loving:

Our Michelle Armas print arrived and is already brightening up our breakfast nook!

What we've been up to:

We are still in unpacking/organizing/decorating mode here at the new casa. There is a room that I literally have not touched (yes, all of the boxes are unopened). It's the second guest room, so technically we could go a while in denial with that door just closed, ha. We are making progress, though, and getting things up on the walls totally helps with the "homey" feel! This past weekend Max hung a gallery wall for my craft room (which is slowly but surely getting close to being done).

What I'm dreading:
The craft room organization includes a major overhaul of years and years worth of teaching stuff. Ugh. It's sorting I should have already done - I'm tossing out extra copies and obsolete items, but I'm trying to keep things I'll want to use with Parker and supplies I want if I ever go back into the classroom. It's a feat.

What I'm working on:

I'm obsessed with Valentine's yummies right now! I think these will be darling to hand out to the library staff at Story Time tomorrow. They are candy melt-dipped Oreos and they are super cute if I do say so myself. I used the white Birthday Cake funfetti Oreos (because they were bright and adorable) and started by sticking a lollipop stick in (I dipped the tip in candy melt to make it stay). Then I just spooned on some candy melt and coated with sprinkles, let harden in the fridge, and repeated with the second side. I always have tons of clear plastic cellophane bags in all sizes on hand from Michaels, and my smallest ones worked perfectly to wrap them all up.

What I'm excited about:
Well, I'm most excited for Valentine's Day, of course! My very favorite holiday! 

What I'm watching:
Husby and I both love it! We catch up on it every now and then once Parker is in bed for the night. We are a few episodes behind but the actual finale for the season airs tonight! 

What I'm listening to:

When Parker was really upset about Max being away on business and I was trying to get him down for the night, they lyrics "Sitting on the dock of the bay..." came into my head so I started singing and Parker became obsessed. The song is a bit melancholy which fit Parker's state at the time (it seemed odd to ramble off the ABC's or another perky happy song while he was crying). But after he requested me to sing it about a million times in the past week, I finally downloaded it and we just listen to it over and over.

What am I annoyed by:
The low tomorrow night is 16 degrees but there is no snow at all anywhere in the forecast! We had just a light dusting last month, but I'd love to see some more flakes! Plus, Parker missed it last time and I think he'd love running around while it snows. 

What am I hoping for:
I'd love some snow, please and thank-you. 

What am I wearing today:
My errand running outfit for today, the warmest day of the week before the big chill tomorrow.

What else is new:
I've joined the Huntsville Bloggers group and have my first meet-up with the ladies next month! I'm stoked to meet new friends in the area. The Melting Pot is hosting us, so look for some upcoming fondue goodness.

What's up with you??


  1. A few things. I'm dreaming of a big house with enough rooms so I can have a craft room. I adore your outfit today! That sweater and shirt combo - if you ever want to get rid of it I'll send you my address!! And that necklace too! How did you find out about the Huntsville bloggers? I wonder if there is a group near Seattle!

    1. Awww, thanks, Ashley! The blue gingham shirt is actually a hand-me-down from my MIL's closet! I was so stoked; I think it's my new favorite thing to wear! I randomly saw that a blogger I followed lived in Huntsville (!!!) and started following her on Instagram, and then saw that she belonged to this group :) I bet you could make your own Seattle area one!


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