33 and 34 Week Bumpdates

I can finally say that the bean arrives NEXT MONTH! We are so close! I had my last day of teaching this week, which was very bittersweet. I love, love, love spending my days teaching the little ones and I couldn't have asked for a better staff or school to work with these past six months. While I will be popping into school some to help with the teacher transition, I am now officially a stay-at-home soon-to-be mom (and I couldn't be more excited!). I get to bump up my prenatal yoga practice to two and three times a week (taking daytime classes I couldn't make it to before), decorate and organize the nursery, make some freezer meals for after delivery, and basically do everything I can to prepare before the big arrival! 

This week, baby wanted a Vanilla Steamer every single day. If you are not familiar with these, they are Hot Chocolate opposites - frothy milk with vanilla, and soooo yummy (or at least baby thinks so). I'm guessing the bean is needing some extra calcium these days. 

Thirty-four weeks has also brought some not-so-fun symptoms including more back pain, pregnancy insomnia, a stuffy nose, fatigue, and super powered snoring. As in my sweet husby was debating getting up and sleeping in another room it was so loud - and yes, that was with his ear plugs in! He actually audio recorded me with his iPhone just for fun, and I sound so ridiculous it's comical (though maybe not at 3am when he's trying to sleep). 

Last week, we had the pleasure of having both of our moms in town! Baby had the hiccups while they were here, which they both got to feel. 

I was showered by my school staff and again by my amazing Arizona friends. I still feel so incredibly lucky and blessed! 

Both grandmas-to-be were here for the Super Bowl. We filled the house with 49ers fans and 49ers themed food: 

Alas, our loud cheering wasn't enough for the Niners to win, but I was still thrilled they made it to the Super Bowl!! 


  1. your bump is adorable! cannot wait to see what the baby's nursery looks like and if the baby is a boy or girl!

  2. Looks like a great shower!

    That is so awesome that you can stay home this next month to prepare for baby's arrival!

    You're looking great!

  3. Love your pink and red shirt! So festive! You look fabulous!


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