Bumpdate: 36 Weeks

The weeks really are flying by! I'm trying to do as much as I can to prepare for life after baby arrives - meal planning, reading books on baby, organizing, putting away things in baby's room... it's all so much fun! Although I loved teaching and totally miss the sweet teachers I worked with, I'm happy to have the extra time during the day right now. Sleep is currently not the greatest though, so I can get super tired especially by mid or end of the day. I'm still loving my prenatal yoga, and I'm trying to do more walks around the neighborhood to stay active as I have officially frozen my gym membership.

The Braxton Hicks have kicked up a notch and I get them now every day, several times a day. I've also experienced some back contractions! Baby has been pretty hungry this week - I was out and about running errands and shopping one day and had not just one but two lunches at different restaurants. Basically back to back. I'm at about +31 pounds right now from just listening to whatever baby wants to eat, so I'm hoping this will leave me at +35 by the end of pregnancy which is right on the tip top of the recommended weight gain. 

We had our very last pregnancy class this week. It was at the hospital where I'll deliver and it was all on breastfeeding. It was the first class that went over what to do when baby arrives instead of just focusing on labor and delivery so it was quite the switch! Max has been super amazing and has been there for all of our classes, which I am so thankful for (I know I would forget half the content without him, plus it's just so nice to have my partner there with me). Max has also become an expert at helping me stand up and sit down, which is super sweet and helpful as our honeydew sized lil' bean makes everything a bit more difficult these days - even reaching my tennis shoes! I had to contort all kinds of ways to tie them this week. 

Next week, I'm looking forward to making and freezing more meals, seeing my doctor and getting news of *hopefully* more labor progression, meeting our potential pediatrician, prenatal yoga, long walks in the desert sunshine, finishing packing my hospital bag, and enjoying these final days with my husband when it's still just us two :) 

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